Si vous avez une commande impayée et que vous souhaitez utiliser un autre mode de paiement, rien de plus simple:
1. Connectez-vous à "Mon compte" et cliquez sur "Mes commandes" dans le coin supérieur droit.
2. Cliquez sur la commande impayée sur laquelle vous souhaitez effectuer le paiement.
3. Cliquez sur "Modifier la commande" et sélectionnez le mode de paiement souhaité, puis procédez au paiement.

For Desktop, mobile and ZAPAKA App purchases, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal and ZAPAKA Gift Cards. If you are using a prepaid gift card, you will need to register a billing address with the credit card company before placing an order.
We do not accept cashier’s checks or money orders.

We can only apply one promotional or coupon code per order. If you have any coupons with future expiration dates, make sure to save them for use on your next order!

Possible reasons for the failure of the payment might be:
1) Incorrect or incomplete card/account information
2) Inadequate credit or account balance
3) Your card is not set up for global online transactions
4) Authorized or default online transaction limit is too low
5) Technical problems with the payment system

We suggest you:
1) Double check your card/account information to make sure it is correct
2) Use a different card or payment method
3) Contact your bank/service provider to enable related functions or get more details
If all the above suggestions cannot help you solve the problem, we suggest you use PayPal to complete your payment because PayPal is very fast and it can ensure the safety of your money.